1I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada.  As a model, I’ve been working in the industry for over six years.  Although I have focused mainly on my modeling career by gaining runway experience and hoping to break into commercial modeling, I have a strong desire to continually challenge myself and gain experience in acting.  Both television and film have a whole host of genres and from each, I am eager to begin learning the nuances of craft and technique.  I possess many qualities that I believe will help me achieve my goals:  an excellent sense of style; knowledge of different make up application processes; exceptional facial projection; a very strong walking posture and familiarity with several poses.  I am open to international work and any traveling that is required. I am a very disciplined yet adaptable individual who has the stamina needed to be successful not only in the very competitive modelling field, but in the acting industry, as well.  Most importantly, though, I always have a positive outlook on life.       


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